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Southern Nevada Water Authority


Video: Conservation Programs


Learn how to save water and money with SNWA's water conservation programs.

Photos: Gardens Around the Valley


Get landscape inspiration from these desert demonstration gardens. See

Finding Leaks


Learn how to find leaks inside and outside your home.


Connect With Us

Get a Free Indoor Water Audit and Retrofit Kit

If you suspect your faucets, toilets and showerheads are using more water than they should, request our free Indoor Water Audit and Retrofit Kit. More »

Get Indoor Tips

Reducing water use and water waste is essential to long-term sustainability in the desert. Find out how you can save water in your home. More »

Save Water Where it Counts

Not all water use is the same. While water used indoors is mostly recycled, water used outdoors is often lost to evaporation, making outdoor water conservation that much more important. More »

Curbing Water Waste

Prevent Water Waste

Not sure what exactly constitutes water waste? Or perhaps you've recently received a water waste citation and want to make sure to avoid them in the future?

Most water waste is caused by improper or inefficient landscape irrigation. Take a few small steps to help prevent water waste in your yard. More »