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Southern Nevada Water Authority

Landscape Sample Designs

Water efficient landscaping includes a wide variety of lush plants, flowers and trees. Use these professionally-developed sample designs to upgrade your current landscape or to plan a new yard.

Child-Friendly Landscape Design


Back Yard

Entertaining Landscape Design


Back Yard

Mojave Accents Landscape Design

Mojave Accents

Back Yard

Color Explosion Landscape Design

Color Explosion

Front Yard

Low-Maintenance Landscape Design

Low Maintenance

Front Yard

Pool-Friendly Landscape Design


Back Yard


Wildlife Habitat

Design a landscape that attracts hummingbirds, chipmunks and other creatures by creating a wildlife habitat in your own backyard.

Contributing Design Companies

Designers from these professional landscape architect companies created the designs:

  • J.W. Zunino & Associates
  • Marriotti Landscape Architects
  • Southern Nevada Society of Landscape Architects
  • The WLB Group Inc.
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