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Southern Nevada Water Authority


Video: Drought and Water Resources


Learn how Southern Nevada is conserving water, protecting groundwater and planning for the future. Play

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Water Banking

Like a savings account, groundwater banking provides SNWA the ability to store water for future use.

In years when Nevada’s Colorado River allocation exceeds the valley’s water demands, SNWA stores water in the Las Vegas Valley Groundwater Basin as a reserve. But SNWA also has water banking agreements with Arizona and California.

Learn more about SNWA’s groundwater banking:

SNWA Groundwater Development Project

Groundwater Development Project

SNWA is seeking groundwater rights in eastern and central Nevada that it would like to convey to Southern Nevada to enhance the area’s limited Colorado River Apportionment.

As part of these plans, SNWA is working to secure rights-of-way from the Bureau of Land Management to construct and operate groundwater production, conveyance and treatment facilities. More »

Colorado River

Nearly 90 percent of Southern Nevada's water comes from the Colorado River. Seven western states and Mexico share water from the river. More »

Resource Planning

SNWA works diligently to maximize the existing water resources available to the Las Vegas Valley. Since its inception in 1991, SNWA has developed and maintained a comprehensive Water Resource Plan to outline current and future water needs. More »


For the past several years, the Colorado River has been experiencing the worst drought on record. More »