To determine if your main service line is the source of your leak, follow these directions.

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Main Service Line

1. Turn off all water inside and outside your home. Check the red or white flow-indicator triangle on your water meter. If it’s still moving, then you may have a leak.

2. Find your water shutoff valve. This is usually in your front yard near the sewer riser cap, in your garage or in your home’s manifold system. If your home does not have a shutoff valve, you’ll need to contact a plumber for help. Make sure your water is turned off at these sources.

3. Go back to your meter and check the flow-indicator triangle. If it is moving, the leak is most likely underground between the shutoff valve and the water meter. If the triangle has stopped moving, the leak is somewhere else around your home.

4. You’ll also need to shut off your anti-siphon valve. If the flow-indicator triangle continues to move after the anti-siphon valve has been shut off, your anti-siphon valve may be broken and will need to be repaired or replaced. Anti-siphon valves should be tested once a year.

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