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Southern Nevada Water Authority

Regional Water System

Pipes at River Mountains Water Treatment Facility

Pipes at the River Mountains Water
Treatment Facility.

Southern Nevada's water system consists of intake, transmission, treatment and wastewater processes.

Over the years, the Southern Nevada Water Authority (SNWA) has undertaken massive construction projects in order to ensure that these systems work as efficiently and effectively as possible.

One such undertaking was the $2.9 billion Capital Improvements Program (CIP). Over 15 years, the CIP led not only to new construction such as the River Mountains Water Treatment Facility, but also to significant enhancements to the reliability and quality of the pre-existing water treatment and delivery system.

Due to unprecedented drought conditions, SNWA constructed Intake No. 3 at Lake Mead. Completed in 2015, this new intake will maintain our ability to draw upon Colorado River water and will protect municipal water customers from water quality issues associated with declining lake levels.

In addition, construction on a low lake level pumping station is underway and scheduled for completion in 2020. The pumping station will allow the SNWA to pump water from Lake Mead from an elevation as low as 875 feet above sea level.


Video: From Lake to Tap

A filter tank at one of the water treatment facilities

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Video: Reflecting on 25 Years

Lake Mead

The SNWA was formed in 1991 to manage regional water resources. Play


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