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Southern Nevada Water Authority

Capital Improvements Program

The construction site of Intake No. 2

Lake Mead's Intake 2 was built as part of
the Capital Improvements Program.

The Southern Nevada Water Authority (SNWA) developed the Capital Improvements Program (CIP) in an effort to meet the increasing water needs of Las Vegas and the surrounding area.

The phased $2.1 billion public works program began in 1995 and was amended in 2005 to $2.9 billion to include a third intake. Its design called for building in phases: facilities were constructed as needed to enhance the reliability and quality of the pre-existing water treatment and delivery system. In 2010, the CIP was considered to have met the objectives for which it was established and was retired.

CIP Projects

The Capital Improvements Program included improvements to the following systems:

There also were a number of CIP projects related to wastewater and power transmission. The power transmission projects help meet the electrical power needs of SNWA's expanded water treatment and transmission facilities.


Funding for the CIP came from a number of sources, including regional connection charges, a quarter-penny sales tax and a reliability surcharge. The quarter-penny sales tax was a recommendation of a citizens advisory committee. Southern Nevada residents voted to approve the tax in 1998.

Major Construction and Capital Plan (MCCP)

As the CIP began to reach its goals, SNWA recognized that a new capital plan was needed that would provide for accomplishment of capital endeavors that were not directly related to the goals of the CIP.

To identify and authorize these endeavors, in 2002, SNWA created a new capital plan called the Major Construction and Capital Plan (MCCP).

In 2010, the few remaining projects of the CIP were integrated into the MCCP.

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Photos: CIP Highlights

The platform over the Third Intake construction site

View highlights from the Capital Improvements Program. See

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