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Southern Nevada Water Authority

Reports & Plans

The Southern Nevada Water Authority (SNWA) produces a number of reports and plans to keep the community informed.

Comprehensive Annual Financial Report

The SNWA Comprehensive Annual Financial Report provides a comprehensive look at our financial statements, accomplishments and forecasts.

Conservation Plan

Conservation plays an important role in water resource management. SNWA revised its five-year Conservation Plan in 2014 to help the agency effectively manage its water resources.

Investment Summary Reports

The Southern Nevada Water Authority invests and earns income on public funds, thereby reducing the burden on ratepayers. Certified investment professionals manage the investment portfolios to maximize investment earnings while protecting these funds.

The following reports provide information about investment allocations and earnings to help ratepayers further understand the Water Authority's investments.

The types of securities in which the Water Authority is allowed to invest are regulated by Nevada law.

Major Construction and Capital Plan

As the Capital Improvements Program (CIP) began to reach its goals, SNWA recognized that a new capital plan was needed that would provide for accomplishment of capital endeavors that were not directly related to the goals of the CIP.

To identify and authorize these endeavors, in 2002, SNWA created a new capital plan called the Major Construction and Capital Plan (MCCP).

Sustainability Report

The Sustainability Report details the efforts we're making to reduce our environmental impacts, and it serves as a guide to working in a more environmentally conscious way.

Water Quality Reports

The Water Authority prepares an annual Water Quality Report for the Southern Nevada Water System, which treats the SNWA water supply. It also provides a full water analysis for its two water treatment facilities and a source water assessment.

Water Resource Plan

Since 1991, the Southern Nevada Water Authority has developed and maintained a comprehensive Water Resource Plan to outline current and future water needs and resources.

Xeriscape Conversion Study

SNWA and the Bureau of Reclamation funded a comprehensive Xeriscape Conversion Study to research the amount of water saved by property owners who removed grass and replaced it with water-efficient xeriscape. The Xeriscape Conversion Study began in 1995, and the final report was released in 2005.

The final Xeriscape Conversion Study results show on average you can save 55 gallons of water per square foot by converting grass to a water smart landscape. Even a densely-planted xeriscape saves enormous volumes of water. The study covers typical water savings, cost-effectiveness of conversion projects and residential landscape water use.

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