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Water Smart Landscapes application

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To begin the enrollment process, please read and fill out this form. You will be asked to agree to several program conditions in order to qualify. Please read these conditions carefully as they are contractually binding.

This online enrollment is for single-family residential properties. Multifamily, HOA property managers, commercial and industrial property owners must fill out a business conservation program request form.

A Southern Nevada Water Authority (SNWA) representative will call you within 14 working days to set up a pre-conversion site visit. Even if you enroll online, a property owner will need to be present during the pre-conversion site visit so that we may get a signature on a printed version of this form.

If a property owner cannot be present, please contact the Conservation Helpline at 702-258-SAVE to request that a form be sent in the mail for signature. Once we receive the signed form, we will contact you to schedule the pre-conversion site visit. DO NOT begin your landscape conversion until after an SNWA representative has visited your property and provided approval for the landscape conversion. You must participate in a pre-conversion site visit before removing your lawn. Starting without SNWA approval will make your conversion ineligible.