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Southern Nevada Water Authority


Video: Commercial conservation efforts

Linen Exchange Program

Las Vegas businesses are doing their share to save water. Play

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Business Opportunities

Water Smart Landscapes

Receive up to $2 for every square foot of grass converted to water-efficient landscaping through the Water Smart Landscapes Rebate Program. More »

Water Smart Contractors

Landscape companies that join the Water Water Smart Contractors program get free water-efficiency training and a listing in our online Find a Landscaper tool. More »

Vendors and Bidders

If you are interested in bidding on a construction project or goods and services contract, you can register as a vendor, view and submit bids at the Nevada Gov eMarketplace. More »

Water Conservation Coalition

Water Conservation Coalition

Community leaders concerned about water issues formed the Water Conservation Coalition.

You can join these leaders to increase water-efficient business practices within the Southern Nevada business community.

The Water Conservation Coalition works closely with the SNWA’s Conservation Division to identify areas of conservation that are most beneficial to local businesses. More »