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Southern Nevada Water Authority

Engineering & Construction

Intake #3 construction

We build and maintain an intricate system
of intakes, treatment facilities, pumping
stations and pipelines.

The Southern Nevada Water Authority (SNWA) builds and maintains an intricate system of intakes, water treatment facilities, pumping stations and pipelines to supply Southern Nevada with water.

Contractors and Engineers

If you are a contractor or engineer looking for information related to upcoming construction projects, sign up to receive email notices of construction bids and engineering consulting opportunities.

Rights-of-Way and Easements

Rights-of-way are areas of developed and undeveloped land where SNWA has obtained permission to install, maintain and operate pipelines and other facilities. Learn more about SNWA's rights-of-way and easements process.

Office Location

The SNWA Development Plan Review office is located at the Las Vegas Valley Water District (LVVWD) Engineering Services office, at 1001 S. Valley View Boulevard. You will be able to conduct business with both the SNWA and LVVWD, including:

  • Plan submittals
  • As-builts requests
  • Signatures
  • Consolidated project reviews
  • Project meetings

Call Engineering Services at (702) 258-3165 or stop by the office for more information.




View different types of rights-of-way and easements. Play

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