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Southern Nevada Water Authority

Water Saving Programs

SNWA offers a variety of water saving
programs for businesses and residents.

The Southern Nevada Water Authority (SNWA) offers a variety of water-saving programs to help residents and businesses save water.

Review these programs and contact SNWA if you would like more information. Join the Water Conservation Coalition if you would like to help other businesses learn more about water savings.


There are a variety of water saving programs to meet the needs of various businesses:

Linen Exchange Program

Participating hotels and motels agree to only change linens and towels once every three days during a guest's visit. Learn more »

Multifamily Property Water Use Review

SNWA offers an water use review program for multifamily properties to check sprinkler and drip system for efficient and review irrigation controller settings. Learn more »

Water Smart Contractors

Local landscape contractors ensure their staff members are trained in water-efficiency practices through free, SNWA-sponsored workshops. In exchange, SNWA features these companies in its "Find a Landscaper" section. Learn more »

Water Smart Home

SNWA has partnered with the Southern Nevada Home Builders Association to develop a program that certifies new homes and neighborhoods as water smart. Learn more »

Water Upon Request

Available at no charge to Southern Nevada restaurants, the program provides water-saving menu stickers that indicate the restaurant's support of conservation by serving water only upon request. Learn more »

Business Rebates

Also consider one of SNWA's rebates for business:

For more information, fill out a Business Interest Form.


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Learn how local restaurants are saving water with the Water Upon Request program. Play

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The Las Vegas hotel industry is saving water through SNWA's Linen Exchange Program. Play

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