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Southern Nevada Water Authority

Program Conditions

Program Conditions

Water-efficient fixtures and appliances
are included in Water Smart Homes.

The Water Smart Home program educates potential home buyers about the benefits of buying a water-efficient home. Participating builders benefit from these promotional efforts, and Southern Nevada residents gain environmentally-friendly housing options.

Home builders participating in the program can use the program logo and materials in advertising.


Home builders interested in joining the Water Smart Home program must agree to:

  • Follow Water Smart Home program requirements for water efficiency in new residential homes and/or communities
  • Participate in a mandatory program briefing
  • Allow inspections of randomly selected Water Smart Homes prior to occupancy

Levels of Participation

Home builders participating in the program agree to construct a multiple-home development of single-family homes in accordance with Water Smart Home program standards.

Learn More

To become a part of the Water Smart Home Program, copies of the Home Builder Participation Agreement as well as a complete list of Water Smart Home
program standards
can be obtained from SNWA. Fill out the interest form.

For more information, fill out a Business Interest Form.

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KB Home's Water Smart northwest community demonstrates the program in action. Play

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