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Southern Nevada Water Authority

Water Smart Landscape Rebate for Business

An example of a water smart landscape

Businesses can receive up to $300,000
for replacing grass with water efficient

The Water Smart Landscape rebate helps businesses convert water-thirsty grass. The Southern Nevada Water Authority (SNWA) will rebate businesses for replacing grass with desert landscaping at the following amount:

  • $2 per square foot of grass removed up to the first 5,000 square feet per site, per year
  • $1 per square foot of grass removed beyond the first 5,000 square feet
  • $300,000 is the maximum award for any property in a fiscal year

SNWA projects a savings of 825,000 gallons of water per year for the average 15,000 square-foot conversion to water-smart landscaping.

Contact SNWA

Multifamily, commercial and industrial property owners need to fill out a Business Interest Form or call Summer Ortiz at (702) 862-3736.

Return on Investment

Smart business owners will quickly realize that converting to a water-smart landscape makes good business sense.

What You'll Spend:

  • Project design fees
  • Permit costs
  • Cost to remove existing landscape elements that will not be a part of your new design
  • Project installation, including plants. irrigation, hardscapes and other elements

What You'll Save:

  • Reduced repair costs for water damage related to sprinklers
  • Lower landscape maintenance fees
  • Reduced pests and pest-control costs
  • Lower cost for the replacement of aging and/or damaged turf and sprinkler parts
  • Decreased risk of water waste fees
  • Increased opportunities for risk management and reduction in liability

Useful Tips and Resources

Once you've met with an SNWA staff member and reviewed the program conditions, there are a variety of pre-conversion and post conversion online tools and resources to help you plan and install your new landscape. See also the Restrictive Covenant and Grant of Conservation Easement.

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Video: Water Smart Landscapes Rebate

Rolled up turf from a water smart landscape conversion

In response to ongoing drought, he Water Smart Landscapes Rebate has been increased. Play

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