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Southern Nevada Water Authority

Water Conservation Coalition

Water Conservation Coalition

The Water Conservation Coalition
coordinated a turf conversion and
water-efficiency upgrades for Boys
Town Nevada.

Help community leaders improve water-efficiency in Southern Nevada by joining the Water Conservation Coalition.

Established in 1995, the Water Conservation Coalition (WCC) is a public/private partnership that works closely with the Southern Nevada Water Authority’s (SNWA) Conservation Division to identify areas of conservation that are most beneficial to local businesses and the community’s overall conservation goal.


Water Conservation Coalition initiatives are focused on:

  • Boosting participation in SNWA incentive and conservation programs
  • Increasing water efficiency in the business community
  • Improving compliance with water-use restrictions


Speakers Bureau

WCC members speak to professional and civic organizations about water efficiency and SNWA conservation and incentive programs.

Employee Communications

The WCC develops and provides organizations with conservation-related content and photos to be distributed to employees through newsletters and intranet sites. Industry-specific content also is available by request.

Business-to-Business Challenge

Businesses that have participated in WCC partnership programs or SNWA incentive programs are encouraged to challenge other businesses within their industries to do the same.

Conservation Projects

The WCC Executive Committee identifies water conservation projects within the community that the WCC can organize and sponsor. The WCC respects the need to protect our water resources and the lives of those who depend on those resources. The organization is committed to pursuing its conservation objectives and goals while preserving Southern Nevada's quality of life.

For more information about the Water Conservation Coalition, please call Patrick Watson at (702) 862-3734.


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Water Conservation Coalition projects help save water. Play

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Boys Town Nevada benefited from a Water Conservation Coalition project. See

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