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water smart shower and bathtub in bathroom

Water Smart Home Program

Developed by the Water Authority and Southern Nevada Home Builders Association, the Water Smart Home program promotes water efficiency, requiring homes built through the program to include water-smart landscaping and water-efficient appliances.

To find a Water Smart Home, contact the builders below to find out more about the homes and neighborhoods they have built as part of the Water Smart Home program.

For home builders

Are you with a home builder interested in participating in the Water Smart Home program?

One of the goals of the Water Smart Home is to educate potential home buyers about the benefits of buying a water-efficient home. Participating builders benefit from these promotional efforts, and Southern Nevada residents gain environmentally-friendly housing options. Home builders participating in the program can use the program logo and materials in advertising.

To participate, home builders must agree to the following:

  • Follow Water Smart Home program requirements for water efficiency in new residential homes and/or communities
  • Participate in a mandatory program briefing
  • Allow inspections of randomly selected Water Smart Homes prior to occupancy

To learn more, get specific technical standards, or start the process to become a participating home builder, submit a Business Interest Form. A staff member will follow up with you within 7 to 10 business days.

This program is co-sponsored by the Water Conservation Coalition.

What makes a home water-smart?

To qualify as a Water Smart Home, homes must meet the following requirements:


  • Front yards have water-smart landscaping, including trees, flowers and groundcover
  • Backyard has a lawn less than 50 percent of the landscapable area, not exceeding 1,000 square feet
  • Living lawns are not permitted in front yards; artificial turf is allowed
  • No ornamental water features

Swimming pools

  • Combined pool and spa surface area is deducted from grass allowance
  • Pool drain/sewer clean-out port is enclosed and clearly marked for convenient access
  • Pools may not feature decorative water features that drop or propel water more than 24 inches above the main water surface

Plumbing and equipment

  • Homes include high-efficiency WaterSense-labeled fixtures such as toilets, showerheads, and faucets
  • When offered, appliances such as dishwashers, washing machines, water softeners, and water treatment systems must meet minimum program standards
  • No evaporative air conditioning systems
  • Each home includes a hot water system that minimizes wasted water before delivery of hot water
  • Indoor and outdoor water pressure is regulated to a maximum of 60 psi using a pressure regulating valve (PRV) downstream of the water meter when necessary

Irrigation systems

  • Irrigation systems are designed to eliminate runoff
  • Separate control zones (valves) are provided for different plant and irrigation types
  • Sprinkler heads are used only to water grass and have a four-inch or greater pop-up height
  • Drip irrigation systems are required for planter beds and equipped with a pressure regulator, filter, flush end assembly and other components
  • Irrigation controllers must meet minimum program standards
  • Non-grass areas include a minimum 2-inch layer of mulching material (if used, weed barrier fabric must be permeable to air and water)
  • Builder-installed landscaping includes a one-year limited warranty