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Southern Nevada Water Authority

Goals and Facts

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Southern Nevada has dramatically reduced
its water use since 2002.

Progressive, Comprehensive Water Conservation

Since 1991, the Southern Nevada Water Authority (SNWA) has developed and implemented one of the most progressive and comprehensive water conservation programs in the nation.

The community is currently ahead of schedule to achieve its water conservation goal of 116 GPCD by 2035.

Conservation efforts in the Las Vegas Valley have helped reduce the community’s Colorado River consumption by 28 billion gallons between 2002 and 2017, even as the population increased by nearly 660,000 residents during that time.

In 2017, Southern Nevada used 127 gallons per capita per day, representing a 36 percent decline the community’s per capita water use since 2002. (Note: This number reflects water from all sources used by residents and businesses served by municipal water providers, as well as recovered indoor water treated and returned to the Colorado River system and water used by 40 million annual visitors. Because different water agencies' calculation methodologies vary, comparing cities' water efficiency through the use of this metric is not recommended.)

Record-Breaking Results

Southern Nevadans adopted a number of water conservation measures, including watering restrictions and landscape restrictions, to reduce community water use. Participation in the SNWA’s rebate programs has realized record-breaking results:

For more information about the history of SNWA's conservation program, read the Conservation Plan.


Video: Conservation Programs

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