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Southern Nevada Water Authority

Spring Watering Restrictions

Spring Watering Restrictions

Limit irrigation to three assigned watering
days per week during spring months.

Mandatory watering restrictions limit landscape irrigation to three assigned days per week from March 1 through April 30.

Watering restrictions also apply to drip irrigation. Sunday watering is prohibited.

Check your last water bill for your assigned watering group or find your watering group on our website.

Failure to comply with the mandatory watering restrictions may incur a water waste fee or citation.

Spring Watering Days
Groups Watering Days
A, C, E Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays
B, D, F Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays

Sprinkler Watering

Use the cycle and soak irrigation method to water your lawn:

  • 3 cycles per watering station set one hour apart
  • 4 minutes each cycle

Some lawns require more or less water, depending upon the type of grass. Adding or removing one minute from the watering time will change the amount of water you use by 25 percent.

Drip Watering

Drip irrigation is needed less frequently than sprinkler irrigation. During spring, SNWA recommends running your drip irrigation system in a single cycle of 30 to 90 minutes, two days a week. The length of each watering should be determined by the emitter flow rate, soil type and weather conditions. See our drip watering tips for details.
If your plants appear stressed, check the soil moisture. If the soil is wet, your plants may be over watered. Water less often or for less time.

Spring Ahead for Daylight Saving Time

Don't forget to set your irrigation clock ahead an hour when daylight saving time begins on the second Sunday in March at 2 a.m. This also is a great time to check your clock's batteries.


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Report Water Waste

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