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Southern Nevada Water Authority

Mist Systems

Mist system restrictions

Residential mist systems are allowed under
water restrictions, but commercial use is

When temperatures start climbing into the triple digits, misters become a popular way to cool off with both homeowners and businesses.

Residential mist systems are allowed under water restrictions, but each jurisdiction has regulations limiting commercial use to certain months and times of day. Contact your local water provider for specific information.

Each misting nozzle uses about half a gallon of water per hour; follow these tips to save water while keeping cool:

  • For commercial use, divide the misters into groups that can be independently controlled.
  • Turn off the misters when nobody is using them. You may want to consider a timer or sensor device.
  • Use trees and other shade structures to keep outdoor areas naturally cooler.
  • Turn off the misters when winds are whisking the mist and cooled air away before it can reach people.
  • Don't use misters when outdoor temperatures are moderate.
  • Don't use misters during periods of high humidity—they don't work well in those conditions.
  • Don't use mist systems for aesthetic purposes, such as creating fog-like special effects in outdoor landscapes.
  • Consider opportunities to conduct your activities indoors where air conditioning is already in use.


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