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Southern Nevada Water Authority

Boulder City Turf Limits

Turf Restrictions

Contact your water provided to get more
information about turf limits in the
City of Boulder City.

Turf limits restrict or prohibit the amount of grass to be planted at new properties. The restrictions prohibiting types of grass that can be planted apply to all property owners. Contact your water provider if you have questions about turf limitations.

Single-Family Homes

Installation of new turf is prohibited in front yards, and turf must not exceed 5,000 square feet in side and back yards.

Multifamily Homes (Apartments, Condos)

New turf is prohibited in common areas or front yards (except for private or public parks).

Non-Residential Developments

Installation of new turf is prohibited with the exception of community-use recreational turf, golf courses or sports complexes.


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Report Water Waste

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