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Southern Nevada Water Authority

Vehicle and Surface Washing Restrictions

Vehicle Washing

Vehicles can be washed at home once a
week using a positive shut-off nozzle.

Water restrictions limit the washing of vehicles and prohibit or restrict surface, building and equipment washing.

Vehicle Washing

Personal vehicles may be washed at residential properties once a week per vehicle and requires a positive shut-off nozzle on the garden hose. There is no limitation on washing frequency if the guidelines for commercial vehicles are followed or a high-pressure, low-volume sprayer is used.

Commercial vehicle washing is prohibited except where water is captured to a sanitary sewer through approved methods or where a high-pressure, low-volume sprayer using less than 10 gallons per vehicle is used.

Mobile car washing is allowed as long as the company uses a high-pressure, low-volume sprayer and less than 10 gallons of water per vehicle. We also recommend you use a Water Smart Car Wash.

Surface, Building and Equipment Washing

The washing of surfaces, buildings and equipment is prohibited unless water is discharged to a sanitary sewer through approved methods or contained on site. This includes restaurants and fast food chains.

Note: Restrictions may vary based on individual jurisdictions, contact your local water provider for specific information.


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