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Spigot coming out of the ground through grass. An index finger is blocking the opening of the spigot.

Conservation facts and achievements

Since 1991, the Water Authority has developed and implemented one of the most comprehensive water conservation programs in the nation.

Conservation efforts in the Las Vegas Valley have helped the community reduce its per capita water use by 38 percent between 2002 and 2018, even as the population increased by more than 690,000 residents during that time.

In 2018, Southern Nevada used 124 gallons per capita per day (GPCD).

Note: The GPCD number includes water from all sources used by residents and businesses served by municipal water providers. Additionally, it considers recovered indoor water treated and used for direct reuse or returned to the Colorado River system and the water used by 40 million annual visitors. (Because different water agencies' calculation methodologies vary, comparing cities' water efficiency using this metric is not recommended.)

Every drop saved makes a ripple in our community

Together we've saved over half a trillion gallons - but we're not done yet. It's essential to keep conserving for our future, one drop at a time.

Record-breaking results

Residence with xeriscape in front yard.

Water Smart Landscape Rebate Program

  • 189 million square feet of grass removed
  • 130 billion gallons of water saved since the Water Smart Landscape Rebate program began in 1999
Pool with pool cover over it.

Pool Cover Instant Rebate Coupon Program

  • 43,000 Pool Cover Instant Rebate coupons distributed
  • 512 million gallons of water saved annually
Technician using a laptop on a large water pipe.

Water Efficient Technologies Program

Chrome shower head.

Water Smart Homes

  • Nearly 13,000 homes have been built via this Water Smart Homes program
  • 14 billion gallons of water saved since the program began in 2005


For more information about the history of SNWA's conservation program, read the Conservation Plan.

Consumptive use

Unlike water used indoors, water used outdoors and for cooling is lost to our water system as it cannot be treated and reused. As a result, outdoor water use is the focus of our conservation efforts.

Consumptive use of water doesn't qualify for return-flow credits because it is not returned to our water system.

Water use in Southern Nevada

This water use infographic is described below.

Infographic displaying that Southern Nevada has 70 percent of the state's population and 70 percent of the state's economic output yet uses less than 5 percent of the water available for use in Nevada.

This Southern Nevada Resorts water use infographic is described below.

Infographic showing that Southern Nevada resorts employ 22 percent of the state's workforce and use about one tenth of one percent of the water available in Nevada.

This comparison chart is described below.

Pie chart comparing water users of Southern Nevada. Single family 44.3 percent, Multi family 15.4 percent, Resorts 7.1 percent, Golf cources six percent, Schools, Government and Parks, 5.8 percent, Common areas 5.7 percent, Other 2.2 percent.

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