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Southern Nevada Water Authority

Design Your Own Landscape

Design and Plan your Landscape

Learn the best way to plan out your new
water efficient landscape.

Designing a landscape takes planning. Use these tools to determine your landscaping needs and to design a water smart landscape that best fits your lifestyle.


One of the first steps to designing your own landscape is to conduct a site and needs assessment. Review your current landscape and decide what you want to change or create in your yard.

Be sure to create a water-smart landscape in harmony with our desert climate. Use the "Landscape Site & Needs Assessment" checklist below. Check out our wildlife habitat tips if you want to design a yard that attracts birds and animals.

Free Sample Designs

If you get overwhelmed by the design process, consider using one of SNWA's professionally-designed landscape plans.

Landscape Design Toolkit :

Landscape Design Tips

Designing your own landscape can be overwhelming. Use the tips in this section to ensure the design process of your landscape goes smoothly.

  • Check with your Homeowners Association for any landscaping requirements or restrictions.
  • Decide in advance how much you can afford to spend on your landscape.
  • Create a timeline to make the most of each season during the planting and installation process.
  • Know your zones (mini-oasis, transition, arid)
  • Take a gardening class at the Springs Preserve.
  • Take photos of eye-catching plants or plant groupings you may want to use in your landscape.
  • Consider blooming seasons when planning your landscape.
  • Create a focal point for each part of your property. Use lines throughout your landscape to define the space and direct the eye to those focal points.
  • Repeat shapes, textures and color to pull your landscape design together.
  • Plan your irrigation system for several years in advance, accounting for plant growth and future water needs.
  • Buy smaller plants to save money.
  • Place trees first as an anchor and work your way outward. Be sure to allow enough room for root growth.
  • Remember, new plants need six months to a year to begin filling out.
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