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Southern Nevada Water Authority

Seasonal Landscape Tips

Seasonal Landscape Tips

Follow our seasonal landscape tips to keep
your yard healthy all year long.

Use these tips to keep your landscape healthy no matter what the season.

  • Adjust sprinkler heads so they don't spray walls, driveways or sidewalks.
  • Use the most efficient types of nozzles and irrigation clocks.
  • Check the sprinkler system weekly and immediately replace broken or missing sprinklers with identical parts.
  • Once a month, check the drip line for breaks and emitters for clogs or broken heads.
  • For best results, shoot for "head-to-head" coverage. That means the spray of one sprinkler should reach the head of the sprinkler closest to it. Make sure grass does not block the spray. Level all sprinkler heads to grade to prevent spray blockage or tripping hazards.
  • Adjust your irrigation clock seasonally and comply with Mandatory Watering Restrictions.
  • Use a drip irrigation system to water trees and shrubs and water appropriately. Experts agree that running drip irrigation less frequently is much better for plants than daily watering.
  • Monitor how many minutes you can run your spray irrigation system before water begins to run off the property. Stop the cycle at that point. Allow the water to fully absorb before running another cycle.
  • Water areas in the shade about 30 percent less than sunny areas.
  • Visually assess plant health and address any problems. Hand-water stressed plants as needed.
  • Fine tune watering times for each station to account for different watering requirements due to exposure, shade and sprinkler output.
  • To eliminate runoff, set your irrigation clock to cycle 2 to 4 start times (no longer than 5 minutes each), 1 to 2 hours apart to allow water to soak into the soil. For example: water 3 times for 4 minutes, instead of 12 minutes all at once.
  • Replace the backup battery on your irrigation clock at least once a year, possibly at the same time you replace batteries in your home's smoke detectors. Power outages can cause your irrigation clock to revert to its factory settings, often watering your landscape far more than it needs or is permitted by mandatory watering restrictions.


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