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Capital improvements program

The Southern Nevada Water Authority's Major Construction and Capital Plan outlines all major upcoming capital initiatives for the organization. Water Authority capital projects encompass new infrastructure, new water resources including conservation initiatives, and major improvements and upgrades to the existing water system.

System expansions

System expansion projects generally comprise new water facilities to meet anticipated future water demands to facilitate water deliveries in areas that have yet to be constructed. They also consist of projects to increase our renewable energy resources and maximize the sustainable use of Colorado River water supplies. Major system expansion projects total approximately $1.9 billion and include:

  • The Horizon Lateral — a large pipeline, pumping station and reservoir to serve the south part of the valley
  • Water and wastewater systems in Garnet Valley
  • A large-scale solar energy project
  • Closeout activities for the Low Lake Level Pumping Station

Water resources and conservation

Water resource projects consist of resource acquisition and water conservation efforts that require capital funding but not necessarily the construction of facilities. One of the Water Authority’s most critical long-term conservation investments, the Water Smart Landscapes rebate program, falls within this category. Major water resources and conservation components total approximately $1.1 billion and include:

  • Conservation partnerships with other Colorado Basin states and Mexico
  • The Water Smart Landscapes rebate program
  • Virgin and Muddy River water resource acquisition
  • Water banking

System maintenance and upgrades

Ongoing investment in system repairs, maintenance efforts and upgrades are required to successfully maintain a world-class water system. These projects help ensure a safe and reliable water supply to each Southern Nevada resident and business. These projects total approximately $213.3 million and include:

  • System reliability upgrades
  • Ozone equipment upgrades
  • Alfred Merritt Smith Water Treatment Facility filter replacement
  • Construction of an in-valley maintenance shop
  • Upgrading enterprise asset management software replacement
  • SCADA system replacement
Rolls of sod in piles after being ripped up

Conservation in action

Capital funding is used to support the Water Authority's largest water conservation program — the Water Smart Landscape rebate program.

The program gives property owners a rebate for every square foot of grass converted to drought-tolerant plants, shrubs, and trees and is largely responsible for driving down water use in Southern Nevada, despite the addition of hundreds of thousands of new residents.

Solar panels at the River Mountains Water Treatment Facility

Expanding renewable energy resources

Increasing reliance on renewable energy is an important part of the Southern Nevada Water Authority's sustainability initiatives.

The MCCP includes funding for a new photovoltaic project which will help the Water Authority meet its renewable energy targets consistent with Nevada's Renewable Portfolio Standard.

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