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Southern Nevada Water Authority

Smart Irrigation Controller Rebate Coupon

Smart Irrigation Controller Rebate

Smart irrigation controllers adjust their
watering schedule according to weather.

The Southern Nevada Water Authority offers a coupon on a smart irrigation clock, which automatically adjusts your watering schedule according to the weather. The rebate offers 50 percent off the purchase price or up to $200, whichever is less.

Simply print out the coupon and either take it to one of our participating retailers for an instant rebate, or purchase one of the smart controllers on our qualifying products list at the retailer of your choice and receive your rebate by mail.

Get Smart Irrigation Controller Coupon

Smart irrigation controllers automatically adjust their watering schedule according to the weather, reducing water use and your water bill.

Residential customers of SNWA member agencies may redeem one coupon per property address. You must redeem the coupon only for a qualifying product.

SNWA recommends you work with a licensed landscape professional to install a smart controller. Proper installation and setup may require knowledge of soil, plants and other factors.

If you have questions, call SNWA Conservation at (702) 862-3760 or email us. Also read the program conditions.

Businesses and Commercial Properties

If you own or manage a commercial or multifamily property, contact us for information about similar rebate programs. Call (702) 862-3760 or email us. Information also is available in our Rebates for Business section.


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