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Southern Nevada Water Authority

Rain Sensor Instant Rebate Coupon

Rain Sensor Instant Rebate Coupon

Save money and water by using our instant
rebate coupon toward the purchase of a
rain sensor.

Rain sensors shut down your irrigation system when it isn't needed, during and after rain.

The Southern Nevada Water Authority (SNWA) offers a rebate on the purchase of rain sensors.

The coupon value is:

  • $25 or 50 percent off the purchase price of a qualifying product, whichever is less.

Get Rain Sensor Coupon


Residential customers of SNWA member agencies may redeem one coupon per property address.

Watering during rainy periods can give your landscape more water than it needs, causing soil over saturation and wasteful runoff. By turning off the sprinklers on the days surrounding a heavy rain, you could save about 500 gallons in one day.

You must redeem the coupon only for a qualifying product at a participating retailer.

If you have questions, call the Conservation Helpline at (702) 258-SAVE (7283) or
email us. Also read the program conditions.

Businesses and Commercial Properties

If you own or manage a commercial or multifamily property, contact us for information about similar rebate programs. Call (702) 862-3760 or email us. Information also is available in our Rebates for Business section.


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