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Las Vegas Wash

Las Vegas Valley Watershed Advisory Committee

Several Southern Nevada water and wastewater agencies formed the Las Vegas Valley Watershed Advisory Committee (LVVWAC) in 2007 to cooperatively address laws that govern water management practices and to protect the valley's watershed.

The committee developed a Regional Water Quality Plan, which outlines the important role of local agencies to protect the Las Vegas watershed resources, including municipal drinking water supplies, wildlife habitat and recreation.

The group also implements an Annual Operating Plan to help achieve its goals.


The Las Vegas Valley Watershed Advisory Committee meets quarterly at the Molasky Corporate Center located at 100 City Parkway, Las Vegas.

Meetings are held in the Colorado River Conference Room, on the 7th Floor.

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Mission and goals

The Watershed Advisory Committee set as its mission to protect, preserve and enhance the quality and quantity of water resources of the Las Vegas watershed. To achieve its mission, it developed the following seven goals:

  1. Protect Lake Mead as a source of water for Southern Nevada and downstream users.
  2. Meet or surpass federal, state and local standards and regulations.
  3. Preserve and enhance the natural, cultural, historic and recreational values of watershed and Lake Mead.
  4. Coordinate water resource management.
  5. Manage flood risks.
  6. Sustain water and energy resources for future generations.
  7. Build community awareness and support for regional watershed management.
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