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Cryptosporidium is a microscopic organism found in untreated surface water. Since 1994, the Southern Nevada Water System has tested regularly for this organism throughout the water treatment and distribution systems.

Cryptosporidiosis, the illness associated with this pathogen, may cause severe diarrhea, which may pose a serious health risk to individuals with severely suppressed immune systems.

One of the most effective safeguards against cryptosporidium is ozonation, a water treatment process which uses ozone to destroy pathogenic microorganisms. Both the Alfred Merritt Smith and the River Mountains water treatment facilities have incorporated this advanced disinfection technology into their treatment processes.

How to prevent cryptosporidiosis:

  • Avoid water or food that may be contaminated
  • Wash hands after using the toilet and before handling food
  • Wash your hands after changing diapers

For more information see the EPA's information on cryptosporidium for immunocompromised individuals.


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