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Southern Nevada Water Authority

Groundwater Development Project

Groundwater Development Project

SNWA is working to secure water rights
and rights-of-way as part of its efforts to
secure long-term water resources.

Clark, Lincoln & White Pine Counties

The Southern Nevada Water Authority (SNWA) has proposed a buried pipeline system to convey groundwater from central and eastern Nevada to Southern Nevada to enhance the area's limited water resources.

Conceptual Plan of Development

SNWA has prepared a Conceptual Plan of Development in support of rights-of-way from the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) for the project. This document describes the water resources that will be developed for the project, along with the proposed facilities, construction methods, and environmental protection measures.

Project Purpose

The Groundwater Development Project will reduce Southern Nevada’s reliance on Colorado River water and provide flexibility to respond to drought conditions on the river system. It also will allow SNWA to meet future projected water demand in Clark County and provide capacity for Lincoln County to convey its water rights within Lincoln County.


The groundwater proposed for development is located in the following valleys:

Water Rights

The Nevada Office of the State Engineer is responsible for permitting water rights. The water developed by SNWA in Spring, Cave, Dry Lake and Delamar valleys will be used to serve SNWA purveyor members in Southern Nevada.


The BLM issues rights-of-way across federal lands. In May 2013, rights-of-way were issued by the BLM for the primary water and power conveyance facilities of the SNWA's Groundwater Development Project.

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