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Southern Nevada Water Authority

Las Vegas Valley Groundwater Management Program

Spring Mound at the Springs Preserve

The Groundwater Management
Program was developed to protect the
valley's groundwater.

In 1997, the Nevada Legislature directed the Southern Nevada Water Authority (SNWA) to develop the Las Vegas Valley Groundwater Management Program to protect and manage the valley’s primary groundwater supply.

The program protects the local groundwater basin from over-drafting and potential sources of contamination.

Advisory Committee

The Groundwater Management Program receives input from the Advisory Committee for Groundwater Management, which is composed of domestic, community and commercial well users. The citizen’s group meets annually to discuss issues of interest and to develop recommendations on what can be done to protect the groundwater basin.

The committee’s recommendations have been incorporated into the Las Vegas Valley Groundwater Management Program and its activities.

Program Activities:

  • Inventory of all wells in the Las Vegas Valley
  • A permanent recharge program
  • Increased groundwater quality monitoring
  • Conservation education for well users
  • Financial assistance program that pays up to 85 percent of connection costs for well users who are required by the Nevada State Engineer to connect to a municipal water system

These activities are funded through an annual groundwater management fee that is paid by all well users and holders of water permits or water rights.

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