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Southern Nevada Water Authority

Water Recycling Through Reuse

Reclaimed Water & Reuse

Water reuse allows Southern
Nevada to stretch its limited water

Southern Nevada currently reuses nearly all of its wastewater, either through direct or indirect reuse. Direct reuse involves collecting, treating, and reusing wastewater flows for non-potable uses such as golf course irrigation or park use. Indirect reuse consists of recycling water by way of treatment and release to the Colorado River for return-flow credits.

The City of Boulder City, City of Las Vegas, Clark County Water Reclamation District, City of Henderson and City of North Las Vegas each operate wastewater treatment facilities that contribute to the region's direct and indirect reuse.

Recycled Colorado River Water

Recycled Colorado River water has both environmental sustainability and cost advantages.

Direct Reuse

Direct reuse involves capturing, treating and reusing wastewater flows for non-potable uses such as golf courses or park irrigation.

Approximately 22,000 acre-feet per year (AFY) of water is directly reused in Southern Nevada for power plant cooling, golf course irrigation and municipally operated common area landscape irrigation.

Direct reuse does not extend Southern Nevada's Colorado River allocation because the water is not returned to Lake Mead, but rather is directly reused in the valley.

Indirect Reuse

Indirect reuse consists of recycling water through the wastewater treatment facilities and releasing it back to Lake Mead for return flow credits.

Approximately 40 percent of water used in the Southern Nevada Water Authority's (SNWA) service area is recycled. Of that, about 90 percent is indirectly recycled through return flow credits.


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