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Southern Nevada Water Authority

SNWA Water Resource Plan

Water Resource Plan

The Southern Nevada Water Authority (SNWA) has worked diligently to maximize the existing water resources available to the Las Vegas Valley. Since its inception in 1991, SNWA has developed and maintained a comprehensive Water Resource Plan to outline current and future water needs and resources.

The plan provides a comprehensive overview of projected water demands in Southern Nevada, as well as the resources available to the Water Authority to meet those demands over time. It also incorporates recommendations from the SNWA’s Integrated Resource Planning Advisory Committee.

The plan considers a number of factors, including potential impacts of continued drought on water resource availability, and the potential impacts of economic conditions, climate change, and water use patterns on long-term water demands.

With continued progress toward achieving the region’s water conservation goal and adaptive use of SNWA’s water resource portfolio, the SNWA has sufficient permanent, temporary, and future resources to meet all future planning scenarios over the next 50 years. The SNWA will continue to review and update its resource plan annually.

2017 Water Resource Plan

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