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Southern Nevada Water Authority


Video: Drought Update


Get the latest news about the drought in Southern Nevada and along the Colorado River. Play

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Water Banking

Like a savings account, water banking provides SNWA the ability to store water for future use.

In years when Nevada’s Colorado River allocation exceeds the valley’s water demands, SNWA stores water in the Las Vegas Valley Groundwater Basin as a reserve. But SNWA also has water banking agreements with Arizona and California.

Learn more about SNWA’s groundwater banking »

Return Flow Credits

Return flow credits expland SNWA's Colorado River supply by approximately 75 percent. Learn more »



In accordance with Interim Guidelines established for the Colorado River in times of severe drought, shortages may be declared by the Secretary of the Interior based on the elevation of Lake Mead.

However, thanks in large part to the Southern Nevada community's significant water conservation efforts over the past decade, our community is not currently using our full Colorado River allocation. A declared shortage would not require the use of temporary or future resources in order to meet demands. Since 2003, the SNWA’s conservation measures helped Southern Nevada decrease net per capita water use by more than 40 percent. More about shortages »

Colorado River

Nearly 90 percent of Southern Nevada's water comes from the Colorado River. Seven western states and Mexico share water from the river. More »

River Conservation

In response to the worst drought on record, the SNWA has worked extensively with Colorado River Basin partners to develop, implement and continue programs to mitigate drought impacts on a regional level. Learn more »

Water Resource Plan

The SNWA has worked diligently to maximize the existing water resources available to the Las Vegas Valley. Since its inception in 1991, SNWA has developed and maintained a comprehensive Water Resource Plan to outline current and future water needs and resources. Read the Plan.