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Plumber under sink with plumbing parts in the foreground

Leak Detection Assistance Program

We understand that fixing home water leaks can be costly. If you've received a leak notification from your water provider and are unable to find and fix the leak yourself, it may be time to hire a Water Smart Plumber.

Property owners may request a leak detection voucher for up to $250 that can be applied toward the initial leak diagnostic services or the first two hours of service work to fix the identified leak(s).

Apply for a voucher

Get Leak Detection Assistance Program Voucher

NOTE: This voucher application should be completed by the property owner, and is only available to homeowners who have received a leak notification from their water provider. 

Property owners should have this voucher in hand when the Water Smart Plumber comes out to do the work, and the Water Smart Plumber will submit the completed voucher to SNWA for reimbursement. For more details, view the program conditions below. If you have additional questions, call SNWA Conservation at 702-862-3760 or email us.

Program conditions

  • This voucher can be applied toward the initial leak diagnostic site visit or the first two hours of service work to fix the identified leak(s), not to exceed $250.
  • To qualify for the voucher, the property owner must have received a leak notification by their water purveyor.
  • This voucher covers service conducted by a participating Water Smart Plumber who is listed on
  • Only one voucher per qualifying property can be rebated, per calendar year. A voucher used for multiple rebates by Water Smart Plumber(s) may constitute fraud and the customer will be responsible for reimbursement to SNWA.
  • The homeowner is responsible for paying any costs to fix plumbing leaks or other repairs.
  • SNWA is not liable for any damages or costs arising from or relating to services rendered by a Water Smart Plumber.
  • This program is limited to properties with water service provided by an SNWA member agency and whose account is in good standing.
  • The voucher must be submitted by the Water Smart Plumber to SNWA Conservation for reimbursement. A voucher submitted by a homeowner or a plumber that is not a Water Smart Plumber will not be reimbursed.
  • Water Smart Plumbers are independent contractors and are not employed by or in partnership with SNWA.
Please note: Not all Water Smart Plumbers are participants in this voucher program. Please review the Water Smart Plumber list closely to ensure participation.