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A man stands in his garage in a Mad Max style costume prepared for the future while he wife looks in on him

Are you preparing for the future?

We're in a drought, but there are many ways to prepare for the future! Through Oct. 31, water only on your three assigned watering days to comply with mandatory fall watering restrictions.

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Low lake level pumping station construction update

See how we’re already taking steps toward the future expansion of the low lake level pumping station.

Get rebates and coupons

Cash in on one of our water-saving coupons or rebates!

Water Smart Landscapes Rebate

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Pool Cover Rebate

Smart Irrigation Controllers Rebate

Find Joe and Razzle!

a dog dressed in Mad Max inspired costume

Hey Las Vegas — Joe and his trusty companion Razzle from our new conservation campaign have set up camp somewhere in Downtown Summerlin to spread their message of water conservation and remind you to change your irrigation clock!

Take a selfie with them and post it on Instagram using #water3daysaweek for a chance to win a family 4-pack of tickets to the Springs Preserve! Three winners will be announced via social media the week of Sept. 24.

Water Smart Landscapes Rebate Program

An infographic demonstrating that the amount of grass removed since 1999 as part of the Water Smart Landscape program is equivalent to 3,210 football fields or rolling and 18-inch wide strip of sod around 94% of the earth.
An infographic demonstrating that 185 million square feet of grass has been removed since the Water Smart Landscape program began in 1999.
An infographic demonstrating that the Water Smart Landscape program has saved 119 billion gallons of water, equivalent to filling the Luxor pyramid 330 times.

The numbers speak for themselves. Through the Water Smart Landscapes rebate program, the community is making great strides in water conservation.

We offer a cash rebate for every square foot of lawn converted to water-smart landscaping. Apply for your rebate today!

We may be in the desert, but thanks to our Water Smart Landscapes rebate program, Southern Nevada is making waves when it comes to water conservation!

Setting your irrigation clock

Irrigation controllers come in all shapes and sizes, but making a few simple adjustments each season will give you a healthier landscape.

Responding to drought

While the Colorado River is facing the worst drought on record, we've taken steps to ensure our community continues to meet water demands well into the future.

Facts and achievements

Expanding our water system

Mandatory watering restrictions

Preparing for the future

Water Resource Plan

Find plants for your landscape

A close-up of a cactus with pink flowers

Are you looking for the perfect plant for your landscape?

Whether you're converting your grass to a new water-smart landscape or simply looking to add some color to an existing one, we've got the plant for you!

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Take your business to the next level

Upgrade to water-smart landscaping and water-efficient fixtures and devices. You'll receive rebates and a healthy return on your investment for your business through water savings.

Water Smart Landscapes

Water Efficient Technologies

Smart Irrigation Controllers Rebate

Find a landscaper

Looking to make your yard even more beautiful and water-efficient? See how a Water Smart Contractor program participant can take your landscape to the next level.

a person attaches a low flow aerator onto faucet

Save water indoors

Curious about the water efficiency of your home? Request a free indoor water audit and retrofit kit!

a sprinkler waters a lawn

Use the cycle and soak method

Our parched desert soil makes irrigation more difficult than in other regions. Use the cycle and soak watering method to keep your yard healthy.

Water quality

blue pills spilling out of a prescription bottle

Safe medication disposal

an ozonation tank in a water treatment facility

Our treatment process

water flowing from a faucet

Home treatment systems

close-up of a water sample in a test tube

Water quality reports

A graphic depicting a water drop with Hoover Dam, Lake Mead, Mount Charleston, the Strip, and Southern Nevada neighborhoods.
A man stands in his garage in a Mad Max style costume, prepared for an uncertain future
A toilet in a bathroom stall with a framed $100 bill on the wall behind it.
A drop of water is where it starts, and that drop of water makes a ripple of difference. A ripple that benefits our community, helping us thrive and prosper in the desert.
There are better ways to prepare for the future. Change your clock to three days a week to save water and comply with mandatory watering restrictions.
In business, every dollar is as important as the first. It pays for businesses to upgrade to water-efficient fixtures and devices, as well as water-smart landscaping.