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A series of sprinklers in active and inactive status

Water no more than three days a week

Mandatory seasonal spring watering restrictions are in effect through April. Water no more than your three assigned watering days to avoid a water waste fine.

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The Las Vegas Lights Football Club knows grass belongs on the soccer field, not in medians or along streets. Score a goal for our community by getting your HOA to remove useless grass.

Get rebates and coupons

Cash in on one of our water-saving coupons or rebates!

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Find plants for your landscape

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Are you looking for the perfect plant for your landscape?

Whether you're converting your grass to a new water-smart landscape or simply looking to add some color to an existing one, we've got the plant for you!

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A sprinkler overwaters a yard, creating run off onto the sidewalk

Stop water waste

As drought continues in Southern Nevada, it's more important than ever to reduce and prevent water waste throughout the community and in your home.

Eliminate unused grass

Are you tired of seeing useless grass along the street as you drive around town?

Removing unused grass in Southern Nevada can help the community save more than 12 billion gallons of water per year!

Encourage your HOA and local businesses to replace it with desert landscaping in medians and along streets using our Water Smart Landscapes rebate.

Adjust your irrigation clock

Irrigation controllers come in all shapes and sizes, but making a few simple adjustments will help you comply with winter watering restrictions.

Book an expert

How is Southern Nevada responding to the drought?

What lengths are taken to ensure the safety and quality of our drinking water?

What can we do as a community to increase conservation?

Request one of our experts for your organization’s next meeting or event and get answers straight from the source to these and many more questions.

Take your business to the next level

Upgrade to water-smart landscaping and water-efficient fixtures and devices. You'll receive rebates and a healthy return on your investment for your business through water savings.

Water Smart Landscapes

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Smart Irrigation Controllers Rebate

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Find a landscaper

Looking to make your yard even more beautiful and water-efficient? See how a Water Smart Contractor program participant can take your landscape to the next level.

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Save water indoors

Curious about the water efficiency of your home? Request a free indoor water audit and retrofit kit!

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Use the cycle and soak method

Our parched desert soil makes irrigation more difficult than in other regions. Use the cycle and soak watering method to keep your yard healthy.

Water quality

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Safe medication disposal

an ozonation tank in a water treatment facility

Our treatment process

water flowing from a faucet

Home treatment systems

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Water quality reports

An infographic depicting what constitutes useless grass
An infographic depicting the amount of water that would be saved if useless grass was converted to desert landscaping
An infographic encouraging readers to participate in the water smart landscapes rebate program and get cash for grass
If your grass is only touched by a mower, bordering a street, or hard to get to it's useless and a waste of water.
Our community can save 12 BILLION gallons of water per year by removing useless grass and replacing it with water-smart landscaping, which makes a big difference when we are facing worsening drought conditions.
The Water Authority offers a rebate of $3 for every square foot of useless grass replaced with water-smart landscaping.