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Water-smart landscape outside of business

Business incentives and programs

Review the list below for a variety of water-saving programs to help businesses save water.

Water Smart Landscapes rebate program

Take advantage of the Water Smart Landscapes rebate to convert water-thirsty grass to desert landscaping and receive $3 per square foot of grass removed and replaced with desert landscaping up to the first 10,000 square feet converted, and $1.50 per square foot thereafter per property.

A bill signed by Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak requires the removal by the end of 2026 of purely decorative grass found around Southern Nevada business complexes, along streets in HOA communities, and in traffic circles and medians.

Smart business owners will quickly realize that converting to a water-smart landscape makes good business sense. A savings of 825,000 gallons of water per year is projected for the average 15,000 square-foot conversion to water-smart landscaping.

Need help funding your project? Learn more about the Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy (C-PACE) program, a low-cost, long-term financing option for water efficiency projects including turf conversions.

Learn more about the Water Smart Landscapes rebate program.

Water Efficient Technologies program

The Water Efficient Technologies (WET) program offers financial incentives to commercial and multifamily property owners who install water-efficient devices and technologies.

Since 2001, participating businesses in the WET program have saved more than 15 billion gallons of water through the Water Efficient Technologies program.

Learn more about the Water Efficient Technologies program.

Smart irrigation controller rebate program

It's time to get smart about landscape irrigation! Investing in a smart irrigation controller is now easier than ever, thanks to our rebate. Smart irrigation clocks automatically adjust your watering according to the weather and many provide convenient access via mobile applications.

Learn more about the smart irrigation controller rebate program.

Linen Exchange program

Through the Linen Exchange program, participating hotels agree to only change linens and towels once every three days during a guest’s stay unless otherwise requested.

Mirror clings and promotional materials are provided, explaining the benefits to the guests for placement in the hotel rooms.

Free of charge, the Linen Exchange Program saves participating hotels and resorts water, time and money. Benefits of program participation include:

  • 50 gallons per room per day water savings
  • 30 percent less in laundry costs
  • $1 per occupied room per day reduction in operating costs
  • A visible example of the hotel industry's water conservation efforts

For more information about this program, call us at 702-822-8449.

Multifamily property water use analysis

Are you looking to improve the water efficiency of a multifamily property?

Schedule an appointment with us and SNWA staff will:

  • Evaluate water use history
  • Evaluate how your water use compares to the amount required based on site characteristics
  • Measure your irrigation system’s efficiency
  • Make recommendations to maximize water efficiency in alignment with your priorities
  • Explain programs available to assist you

To schedule your multifamily property water use analysis, call us at 702-691-5201 or request information about business conservation programs.

Water Upon Request program

Available at no charge to Southern Nevada restaurants, the Water Upon Request program provides water-saving menu stickers that indicate the restaurant's support of conservation by serving water only upon request. For every glass of water not served, as much as 1.5 to more than 3 gallons of water are saved.

To date, more than 200 restaurants have participated in the program, created in partnership by the Nevada Restaurant Association, Water Conservation Coalition, and Southern Nevada Water Authority.

To participate in this water-saving program or for more information, fill out the Water Upon Request Form or call 702-822-8496. Re-order reminders are sent out to all participants twice yearly.