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Entrance to Canyon Ridge community with beautiful water-smart and colorful plants

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A law enacted by the Nevada Legislature in 2021 will prohibit using Colorado River water to irrigate nonfunctional grass, beginning in 2027.

The law applies to Southern Nevada commercial, multi-family, government and other properties. It does not apply to grass in homeowners' yards, cemeteries, or to grass used for recreation at schools and parks.

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Browse below for Water Smart Landscape Rebate details, landscape inspiration and more for your business.

Landscape rebate

The Southern Nevada Water Authority will rebate businesses, HOAs and multifamily properties $3 per square foot of grass removed and replaced with desert landscaping. Smart business owners will quickly realize that converting to a water-smart landscape makes good business sense. A savings of 825,000 gallons of water per year is projected for the average 15,000 square-foot conversion to water-smart landscaping.

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Landscape galleries

Are you a business owner, HOA board member or property manager looking for landscape design inspiration as you get ready to replace turf grass with desert-friendly trees and plants?

Check out our photo galleries for examples of water-smart landscaping that local properties have installed at community entrances, in common areas, along streets, and on slopes and medians.

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Plant search

Our interactive plant list and search tool can help you choose trees, ground cover, shrubs, and plants with the specific characteristics you're looking for.

Enter your desired color, shape, canopy size, height, growth rate or type of foliage and get multiple examples of beautiful native or drought-tolerant plants for your property. You can even add them to a list for your next visit to the nursery!

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Tree care during conversion

Existing, mature trees are a valuable and attractive part of any landscape. Unfortunately, a tree's root system can be disturbed during a landscape conversion or other construction project.

Roots left behind lose the temperature buffer and water source provided by the lawn and the sprinkler system, which leads to drying and additional root loss. 

Protect Your Trees