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Water Authority charges

In addition to addressing our region's unique water needs, the Southern Nevada Water Authority (SNWA) treats and delivers the wholesale water supply to municipal water providers. Costs related to water treatment, water resources, and the Water Authority distribution network are covered by several surcharges.

The SNWA is not a water service provider. For questions or information related to your property's water service or to pay your bill, please contact your water service provider.

Reliability Surcharge

This charge is based on the premise that customers have varying levels of need for water and should pay accordingly. While everyone expects water to flow when they turn on the tap, some customers–such as businesses–have a greater need for system reliability, especially during peak usage periods. The surcharge, which is applied against the total water bill with a few line-item exceptions, is 0.25 percent for residential customers and 2.5 percent for others.

Commodity Charge

A charge of $0.48 per 1,000 gallons on each water bill pays for water quality improvements and enhancements to the reliability of the regional water system.

Infrastructure Charge

The SNWA's Infrastructure Charge contributes toward funding the regional water infrastructure necessary to deliver high-quality drinking water throughout the valley. Initiated in 2013 at the recommendation of our citizens' advisory committee known as the Integrated Resource Planning Advisory Committee, the Infrastructure Charge was phased in over five years. Through this charge, all water customers contribute toward funding critical facilities such as Intake No. 3 and the Low Lake Level Pumping Station.

The SNWA Infrastructure Charge varies based on meter size and is calculated daily.

SNWA Daily Infrastructure Charge (Residential)
Meter size (inches) Daily charge
5/8" $0.4306
3/4" $0.4306
1" $1.1403
1 1/2" $2.2803
2" $3.6487
3" $7.2966
4" $11.4010
6" $22.8016
8" $36.4823
10" $40.7333
12" $40.7333
SNWA Daily Infrastructure Charge (Non-Residential)
Meter size (inches) Daily charge
5/8" $0.8989
3/4" $0.8989
1" $1.7027
1 1/2" $3.4053
2" $5.4483
3" $10.8966
4" $17.0263
6" $34.0523
8" $54.4833
10" $78.3196
12" $78.3196