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men looking over plans for landscape conversion

Join our Water Smart Contractor program

Local landscape contractors can join the Southern Nevada Water Authority’s Water Smart Contractor program at no cost.

Companies participating in the program ensure their staff members are trained in water-efficiency practices through free, Water Authority-sponsored workshops. In turn, the Water Authority features these companies in its Find a Landscaper application.

Contractors in the program must:

  • Complete at least 8 hours of Water Authority water-efficiency training
  • Maintain good standing with the Nevada State Contractors Board
  • Be licensed and insured

To become a Water Smart Contractor, read the Water Smart Program Agreement and fill out the Water Smart Contractor Form for companies. Be prepared to provide:

  • Company contact information
  • Type of services provided
  • Certifications
  • Service areas
  • C-10 license number
  • Supervisor contact information
  • Photos of completed projects

You may print out the Water Smart Program Agreement, sign it and mail it in—or sign it when you attend one of the classes. You must submit the signed agreement and attend the required Water Smart Contractor classes before you are added to our list of contractors.

Already enrolled?

If you are already enrolled as a Water Smart Contractor and need to make changes to your company profile, call the Southern Nevada Water Authority Conservation Division at 702-862-3761.


To enroll in the Southern Nevada Water Authority (SNWA) Water Smart Contractor program, please complete the Water Smart Contractor Enrollment form.

Mandatory initial training

Refresher training

Performance standards

The Southern Nevada Water Authority (SNWA) requires landscape contractors who enroll in the Water Smart Contractor program to agree to provide the following Water Smart standards to each of its customers:

  1. All landscape and irrigation work performed pursuant to a contract will comply with applicable laws and codes in effect at the time of installation.
  2. Contractor shall ensure that the terms of the WaterSmart Landscapes Program and the Contractor Participation Agreement are satisfied. Pursuant to Section 9 of the Agreement, Contractor may use subcontractors for performance; however, Contractor shall retain sole and principle responsibility for any work performed by such subcontractors. Further, if Customer elects to perform any of the work independently of Contractor, Contractor shall indicate Customer’s election on the signed contract that Contractor informed Customer of the Program Provisions.
  3. Irrigation systems (if properly maintained) can be operated according to the schedule provided by the contractor, without creating flow or spray that leaves the property and without violating local days of the week and time of the day watering restrictions after an approved 30-day water use exemption has expired.
  4. Upon request, a Certified Landscape Irrigation Auditor (provided as a consultant or have one employed on staff).
  5. On all new landscape installations separate control zones (valves) will be used for each type of watering device, and drip emitters will be operated separately from sprinkler heads. (This provision may be waived for landscape retrofits by mutual agreement between Contractor and customer.)
  6. Sprinkler heads for turf grass will have a 4-inch or greater pop-up height.
    Sprinkler heads will have matched precipitation nozzles.
  7. A minimum setback distance of 3 feet will be maintained between spray irrigation and all hardscapes (structures, buildings, walls, sidewalks, public right of ways).
  8. Spray irrigated turf areas shall be a minimum of 10 feet wide in every dimension.
  9. Drip irrigation systems shall be equipped with a pressure regulator, filter, flush end assembly and any other appropriate components. Components will be located in accessible valve boxes. The system must be free of leaks and malfunctions upon conveyance to the client. Each drip emitter must be rated at 20 gallons per hour (gph) or less. If part of a lawn is converted, the sprinkler system must be properly modified to provide
    adequate coverage to the remaining lawn without spraying the converted area.
  10. Irrigation controllers installed by Contractor shall have, at a minimum, the following features:
    • Two or more programs.
    • Three start times per program.
    • One-minute incremental watering time.
    • Even/odd day scheduling.
  11. A seasonal watering schedule shall be provided for each irrigation zone.
  12. An owner's manual shall be provided for all irrigation controllers installed and for and any other components as necessary.
  13. Non-turf areas will include a minimum 2-inch layer of mulching material. All mulches and surface treatments must be permeable to air and water.
  14. A 1-year written limited warranty shall be provided to the customer. (Terms of the warranty are at the discretion of the Contractor).
  15. All maintenance contracts must contain the following provisions:
    • Frequency of routine checks for proper function of irrigation equipment.
    • Provision for repair of damaged components resulting in waste of water within 24 hours after being made aware of problem.
    • Frequency of maintenance of drip irrigation components, including flushing of lines and filters.
    • Programming of irrigation clock to meet plant needs and comply with mandatory watering restrictions.
    • Contractor's policy regarding water waste violations and fees incurred to the client. This policy should clearly define the circumstances, if any, where the contractor will accept financial responsibility for violations caused by the contractor's actions.
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