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Lake Mead with low water level says it's time to get real

Through Aug. 31, landscape watering is prohibited between the hours of 11 a.m. and 7 p.m. when it is most likely to evaporate due to heat. And remember, NEVER water on Sundays!

Plants and trees need MUCH LESS WATER than grass. Not sure what the difference is between sprinklers and drip irrigation?

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Our future depends on you

Southern Nevada is one of the few places on the planet that recycles all indoor water on a community-wide scale. But the majority of our water is used outdoors. Reduce your outdoor water use to keep Southern Nevada water-secure.

Person hangs watering schedule next to watering clock in garage

Change your watering clock

🕚Your mandatory summer watering schedule prohibits watering between 11 a.m. and 7 p.m.🕚 Our community loses billions of gallons each year due to overwatering, and too much water is harmful to turf, trees and shrubs. Follow the mandatory seasonal watering restrictions to save water, improve the health of your landscape and avoid water waste fines. 

Find Your Watering Days and Group

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How to Set Your Watering Clock

Get a Smart Irrigation Controller

Water waste investigators in front of background showing sprinklers watering grass with water soaking concrete

Stop water waste

From irrigation overspray to leaking lines, water waste drains our community's limited water supply. 

Learn How to Prevent Water Waste

Select your city/water provider to report waste:

Boulder City


Las Vegas

North Las Vegas

What you can do to conserve

Drought and climate change have caused Lake Mead to drop more than 150 feet over the last two decades. The federal government has issued a tier one water shortage declaration for 2024, reducing the amount of water Southern Nevada is allowed to draw from the lake. Through efficient water use and community-wide water conservation, all Southern Nevadans help protect and extend our community's water supply.

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Get cash for grass

The biggest use of our water supply is landscape watering. Upgrade your curb appeal, reduce upkeep, and get cash back with a rebate to replace your thirsty grass!

💵 Get a $100 bonus for every new tree installed!

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Find and fix leaks

Damaged irrigation systems, cracked supply lines, and faulty fixtures can cause high bills and property damage.

Track Down Leaks

Get a Smart Leak Detector

Hire a Water Smart Plumber

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Stay water smart

Take advantage of our programs and services, designed to help you save time, water and money.

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Request a Home Water Audit Kit

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Useless grass is illegal

Nevada law prohibits the irrigation of nonfunctional grass at business, commercial, multi-family, government and other properties beginning in 2027. Get cash incentives—while they last—to replace useless grass on your property with water-smart desert landscaping.

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Replace evaporative cooling

Industrial evaporative cooling systems are a drain on our water supply. Let the SNWA help pay to upgrade your facility and replace your cooling tower or swamp coolers with a dry-cooled system.

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Water-saving programs

Boost your bottom line and water savings with our business incentives and programs.

Business Incentives

Water Efficient Technologies

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Looking for landscape resources? We can help. Whether you're looking to tune up an existing landscape or are starting from scratch, we've got tons of resources to get you moving in the right direction.

Protecting our limited water supply

These conservation measures are projected to save billions of gallons of water and are essential to help Southern Nevada keep saving as federal water cuts reduce our current and future water supplies. From resorts and golf courses to residents and businesses, every sector of our community is making sacrifices and working together to meet future water needs.

Banned new water features and fountains on the Las Vegas Strip

No new golf courses and more water limits on existing courses

Restricted new residential pools to no larger than 600 sq. ft.

No evaporative cooling in new commercial development

Prohibited grass and sprinkler irrigation in all new developments

Adopted new water rates that sustain and advance conservation

Kudos, Southern Nevada! 🙌 Conservation efforts have helped the community reduce its per capita water use by 58 percent between 2002 and 2023, even as the population increased by more than 786,000 residents during that time. Keep conserving and stay water smart to help reach the community's goal of 86 GPCD (gallons per capita per day) by 2035.

We're doing our part to keep your water safe and reliable

Southern Nevada is home to one of the most advanced and reliable municipal water systems in the nation. We use cutting edge technology and maintain state-of-the-art facilities to monitor your water 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so you don't have to worry about water quality or delivery to your tap.

Commitment to water quality

Lab worker holding beaker

Southern Nevada's tap water is highly treated and rigorously tested to meet or surpass all state and federal safe drinking water standards. Water quality reports are available through your water provider.

Water Quality FAQs

Investment in infrastructure

Pipes at the Lower Lake Pumping Station

The infrastructure we've built to proactively protect Southern Nevada from declining water levels at Lake Mead enables us to deliver water to our community under any scenario, even during unprecedented drought conditions.

Major Projects

Stay in the know about H2O

If you're a resident of Southern Nevada, water is an important issue to stay updated on. Be informed and get involved.