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Water only 1 day a week

Mandatory winter watering restrictions are in effect through Feb. 28.
Water your landscape only on your one assigned day a week to avoid hefty water waste fines. It's the law.

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Lake Mead water level triggers water shortage declaration

The federal government has issued a water shortage declaration, reducing the amount of water Southern Nevada will be allowed to draw from Lake Mead.

Learn what this means for our community.

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Save water. Save money. It's easy.

And yes — it makes a difference.

a graphic showing the mandatory seasonal watering restrictions
grass being removed from a yard
a broken sprinkler causing water to run down the street
A smart irrigation clock on a wall next to a mobile phone showing the related application
A man surveying a water leak in his ceiling
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close up of a toilet bowl as it flushes
Replace unused grass with a Water Smart Landscape and get a cash incentive.
Report water waste, so problems can be fixed quickly.
Get to know your landscape and your watering clock. Take it one step further and upgrade to a smart irrigation controller.
Look for water leaks in and around your home.
Cover your pool to reduce the amount of water lost to evaporation.
Fix that phantom flush in your house caused by hidden toilet leaks.

This isn’t kids’ stuff

Change your watering clock to water only on your 1 assigned day a week through February. It’s your responsibility and the law!

Law enacted to remove nonfunctional turf from medians, traffic circles and business complexes

A bill enacted in the last legislative session requires the removal of “useless,” or purely decorative, grass found around Southern Nevada business complexes, along streets in HOA communities, and in traffic circles and medians.

The law does not apply to grass in homeowners’ yards or grass used for recreation at schools and parks.

The new law requires nonfunctional grass be removed by the end of 2026 and will save our community an estimated 9.6 billion gallons of water per year.

The law also established an advisory committee to make recommendations to the Water Authority Board of Directors about the definition of nonfunctional turf and the process to implement the legislation.

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Get your landscape ready for winter

Learn how to protect your landscape and irrigation from freezing in Southern Nevada's coldest season.

Sprinklers and drip — what's the difference?

See what makes these irrigation systems different and learn how you should set your controller to water your grass and plants.

Get rebates and coupons

Cash in on one of our water-saving coupons or rebates!

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Find plants for your landscape

A close-up of a cactus with pink flowers

Are you looking for the perfect plant for your landscape?

Whether you're converting your grass to a new water-smart landscape or simply looking to add some color to an existing one, we've got the plant for you!

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Get water smart with our new podcast

From the banks of the Colorado River and Lake Mead to the homes and businesses of Southern Nevada, our new Water Smarts podcast covers how we treat, deliver, use, protect and conserve water in the Las Vegas Valley.

Hosts Bronson Mack and Crystal Zuelke — along with experts from the Southern Nevada Water Authority who keep our water flowing — hope to make you a little smarter about the one thing that keeps us all connected — water.

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A man standing with arms crossed wearing a cape
A graphic showing the appropriate number of days to water with sprinkler and drip irrigation each season
A graphic showing how long to water plants for for sprinkler irrigation
A graphic showing how long to water plants for for drip irrigation
A graphic telling the reader to upgrade to a smart irrigation controller

We're helping researchers around the world learn more about the presence of coronavirus in communities. The research we're conducting confirms that genetic markers of COVID-19 can be detected in wastewater before the water is treated, but are removed during the treatment process.

Working together with a third drinking water intake, the pumping station will help ensure our community's access to water at Lake Mead—our primary water supply—even if lake levels continue to decline due to drought.

Water quality

blue pills spilling out of a prescription bottle

Safe medication disposal

an ozonation tank in a water treatment facility

Our treatment process

water flowing from a faucet

Home treatment systems

close-up of a water sample in a test tube

Water quality reports

Goodbye grass

Be a community leader and receive a cash incentive for your business when you replace decorative grass with beautiful desert landscaping.

Take your business to the next level

Upgrade to water-smart landscaping and water-efficient fixtures and devices. You'll receive rebates and a healthy return on your investment for your business through water savings.

Water Smart Landscapes

Water Efficient Technologies

Smart Irrigation Controllers Rebate

Track down water leaks

Leaks are a nuisance and a significant source of water waste. Learn how to find them around your home.

A gardener prunes a shrub

Find a landscaper

Looking to make your yard even more beautiful and water-efficient? See how a Water Smart Contractor program participant can take your landscape to the next level.

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Save water indoors

Curious about the water efficiency of your home? Request a free indoor water audit and retrofit kit!

An infographic depicting what constitutes useless grass
An infographic depicting the amount of water that would be saved if useless grass was converted to desert landscaping
An infographic encouraging readers to participate in the water smart landscapes rebate program and get cash for grass
If your grass is only touched by a mower, bordering a street, or hard to get to it's useless and a waste of water.
Our community can save 12 BILLION gallons of water per year by removing useless grass and replacing it with water-smart landscaping, which makes a big difference when we are facing worsening drought conditions.
The Water Authority offers a rebate of $3 for every square foot of useless grass replaced with water-smart landscaping.